Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Etsy - It’s a Swindle

I don’t really understand the naming of the store, because It’s a Swindle Accessories Etsy Shop is anything but a swindle.

My favorite is this skeleton hand pendant and companion bony hair barrettes.

It's A Swindle Accessories is a MySpace friend of the Jitterbutter girl monsters. She’s a one woman operation and all items are hand made in her own personal sweat shop.
She makes all sorts of strange and cool items.

Who wouldn’t want this happy skull bracelet?

If the above linked items are gone, you can find more of her stuff at her Etsy store. Tell her DeMononica sent you :)
Betty Bones is going to LOVE this!

1 comment:

branwyn aka madhouse mauly said...

that skull bracelet is to die for!