Monday, June 22, 2009

NREAZON got gumption

One of NREAZON's Munny creations.

NREAZON is one of the Jitterbutter GirlMonsters MySpace friends.
Check out her her bloggy. She makes custom art and Munnys like what my friend Betty says Murakami does.

Besides brains, talent, and style, NREAZON's got a sense of humor.

She's got the get-go all girls should have. Move it, and shake it; and know what to move and shake. Go get that success!

Check out her blog
She's also on Twitter - I should get my butt on there :P
Of course, there's her Myspace
…the ever growing Buzznet
And, last, the hub, the official site

She is a really great artist, and she has the motivation to make it happen for herself. Rock on!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bandage dress

Shame on me that I never heard of the "bandage dress" before. It's kind of cool, but if it's so popular that too many celebrities are wearing it you can expect it to go the way of the mummy. Apparently, everyone is so wrapped up in this trend (sorry for the bad pun) that they are even wearing this dress when other celebrities are wearing the same one.
Click here to see Herve Leger's Bandage dress (and variations of it) on 49 celebrities.

Thanks go to NY's Daily News.