Monday, November 23, 2009

Juan Cabana has my heart

I'm not normally in the habit of posting this kind of stuff, being that this is a macabre way of celebrating my demonicisity; but I found the artist Juan Cabana on Betty Bones' Tattle & Chatter blog. Good stuff. Impressive art. Cute demon by Ira / Miguel. New info says it was done by Hajime Emoto.

See more creatures by Juan Cabana at Environmental Graffiti.

See more creatures by Ira / Miguel

Juan Cabana DIDN'T made this adorable demon corpse.
 Ira / Miguel did (no source for full name).


Anonymous said...

Hi, this devil mummy was not made by Juan Cabana, it was made by a japanese artist..forgot his name

Webmonster said...

Thanks, "Anonymous." That's what I get for not double checking my source when she is without a brain herself.

I fixed the post. By the way, what kind of name is Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

The Devil mummy was made by Hajime Emoto