Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hola, ombré

Ombré hair? More like ombré skin. Check out her neck!

Now I'm thinking my green should go from green to black. I might have to try it. After all, I'm most certainly Miss Trendy… not.

The ombré look is becoming trendy in hair now. Now? Didn't the singer from Berlin have two-tone hair back in the eighties?

So models and stylists are doing it now, and it catches on? I hope it catches on… fire.

Refinery29 "Fashion" post here. Have fun with it when it gets to Target, everybody.


ashley said...

This hair looks like a total disaster mistake... disheveled de-constructed avant garde i can understand, but this is a hot mess...

Ash k said...

alright now..this is the most exaggerated, and grunge, picture of ombre style hair ive ever seen. As a stylist, i think you should hate less on the ombre..its really not that bad..the sun will bleach out the ends of your natural strands anyways..thats what the effect is..not this platinum to some shade of greyish purple. and runway hair is always different than every day hair wear. find a better picture and expose ombre for what it really is, orrrrr be more open minded. hair color and stlye is an art form, and a way of expressing yourself. just like your bloggggggg.

Webmonster said...

Oh, Ash, can't you see I'm not busting on the style as much as I am busting on the pic? And, don't let what I say bother you so much. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a little demon girl... and a cartoon ;P